Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Aboard This Week at U.S. Toy

A trip on a train always means a new adventure and this week at U.S. Toy we are excited to be hosting Train Week.  Starting on Monday, April 22nd we will be featuring many great events for the entire family and of course special offers.  

Choo! Choo!  Bring out your little conductors to participate in our scheduled events:  

Monday,  Story Time 10am-11am
Wednesday, Mommy & Me 10am-12pm
Saturday, Make It & Take It 10am-2pm

All board the U.S. Toy Train Week!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Assemble the Best Party Favors

When one thinks of birthday party favors, teeth rotting delicacies might come to mind. Perhaps you want to try a different approach in sending out your guests in style after your kid’s birthday party. Of course, it all starts with the bag. If your birthday party has a theme, then it would be wise to tailor the paper or cellophane bags to the specific theme. Perhaps you will need a pirate, firefighter, construction worker, princess or smiley face bag to put your birthday party favors in. Maybe some fish, monkeys or dinosaurs. Even if you find yourself without a narrow theme, there are all kinds of colors and safe materials to give a fashionable impression.

Kids love bubbles, and so do adults, considering parents don’t have to clean up after them! Any child would be pleased to receive some as a birthday party favor. Paper blowouts are also popular, and can accommodate to any theme you choose. Noisemakers are another hit, from maracas to kazoos to clappers. Kids light up finding whistles in their birthday party favors too.

Activity packs are another fun way to entertain the guests post-party, and in a manner that gets their minds working! Unless you want to incorporate this at your party, try inexpensive games like the Party Bingo Game. There are a few themed games too that could potentially match your party. For example, a party full of little girls would be pleased with the Princess Birthday Party Game. Did you have a piñata at your party? The Stick The Tail On The Donkey Game goes hand-in-hand with a fabulous fiesta.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Aloha, Luau Party

It’s time to break out the leis and hula skirts. It’s time to get your Hawaiian on! Gear up with luau party supplies for your island escape. It is all about feeling tropical, with endless flowers and bright colors. Get a bright lei (or two, three, or more) and express yourself whether it’s solid, rainbow, light up, two tone, or even patriotic. If not a flowery or crinkled lei, then wear a dolphin, flamingo, shark tooth, or tiki man necklace. Something around your neck is essential for luau party supplies.

Luau outfits are always complete with a hula skirt, of course. Men are even encouraged to wear these skirts too, because that’s how they do it in Hawaii! Skirts can be in the traditional straw color, or step outside of the box and get a colored one to stand out. A child can be a little different too and wear a palm leaf skirt instead of the usual straw or grass. Hula armbands are also a hit to fill out any luau theme. If you are extra courageous, wear a seashell or coconut bra. Be the life of the party, whether man, woman, or child!

Don’t forget a hat to fill out your luau party supplies! Match a straw skirt with a straw hat stick straight up, and perhaps put a lei around it. Neon plastic visors are also a hit so you can really play up the beach scene. Flower baseball caps are also appropriate for the theme. Want to make people laugh? Wear an octopus, clown fish, shark, or crab hat. If none of these tickle your fancy, be the boss and put on a yacht cap or a white sailor hat.

It’s all about setting the mood and getting the perfect luau party supplies so you and your guests actually feel like you are on a tropical island getaway. Talking parakeet toys are a funny hit, because he will repeat what someone says to him. Have some pink flamingoes liven up your yard. Wrap a green luau table skirt around the bar serving food and drinks, and place a palm tree centerpiece on the table. Your furniture will be outfitted to match your guests! Light bamboo torches, or put out flame lights to create a dimming effect at night.

Your guests will thank you for a fabulous tropical party and say, “Mahalo!”

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Balls

Wham-O company hit it big three times in a row with the invention and marketing of the Hula Hoop, Frisbe, and the Super Ball.  The Super Ball, introduced in l965, soon became America's most popular toy.  Both kids and adults have been experimenting with these tightly compacted balls, often causing minor disruptions as the ball bounded out of office and school windows, down halls, over desks, and right smack into hot lunches.  The super or bouncy ball is fun enough to play with just as it is, but it can be a fun party favor or prize and the center of some fun games.  The super ball is so popular that is the star of several video games.

Super balls or bouncy balls are toy balls with amazing bounce, which are great for party favors.  They come in several sizes, styles, colors and designs.  Many seasonal balls make great gifts, stocking stuffers and party favors.  There is a bouncy ball for Halloween Christmas, winter valentines, and Easter.  The Easter ball is the egg-shape bouncing ball which looks like a marbled colored egg.  The Dino Silhouette Bouncy Ball has a dinosaur imprinted on the side of the rubber ball which comes in assorted colors and is one and three eighths inches in diameter.

The crystal ball is fun to throw, bounce or roll.  This ball comes in a variety of swirling bright colors and in multiple sizes.  Neon balls have a particularly high bounce, are made of plastic, measure just under four inches in diameter, and are made of plastic.  The smile face high-bounce ball comes in several colors and makes a cheerful party favor.  Two other specialty bouncy balls are the glitter bouncy ball and the two-tone icy bouncy ball, both of which pack a powerful bounce and distinctive appearance.

A fun party for boys between ages eight and twelve would be a super ball/bouncy ball party where the boys have a large cement area with fences and other obstacles against which to slam the toy balls.  Then instead of having organized games, the boys just develop their own game.  At the end of the party, all the guests perform and explain their game to an impartial judge who presents awards for the most innovative game, the most active game, the most challenging game, the most fun game to watch, and the overall best game.

Another option is to plan a bouncy ball party and teach the guests some games.  One game lines up the guests who each demonstrate a bounce; the winner is the highest bounce.  In order to measure these bounces, they must be bounced near a pole that you have marked with chalk.  Another game is bouncy ball racquet ball.  Each player has a small wooden paddle and hits the ball against a cement wall.  (A brick school building works well for this.)  This is a very challenging game, appropriate for teens and older.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five Ways to Entertain Kids at the Next Party with the Help of Our Party Favors

An upcoming kids-focused event may inspire a mixture of emotions.  You're more than happy to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or other event, yet you're a bit nervous about your ability to entertain a bunch of 'rambunctious' young people.  Lucky for you, a quick search on the Internet elicits a number of options from a party supply store.  Consider the following five party favors that are sure to entertain.

Kids love to play dress up.  It provides the opportunity to utilize their creativity, and in the case of a firefighter theme, presents the chance to pretend they're grownups (if only they knew the irony regarding a high number of adults wishing they could act as kids!).  Find such favors as fire truck piñatas, paddle balls, themed coloring books, and (of course) firefighter hats on reputable party supply store sites.

There's something about pirates that intrigues little kids.  Maybe it is the easy-going lifestyle of the open seas.  Find party supplies such as hats, telescopes, daggers and swords, and more.  Not all kids want to be the "bad guy" in imaginary play scenarios, yet a light-up pirate is as good a reason as any to adopt the role!

Casino Night
It will be a few years (and then some) before they're allowed access to the casinos of Las Vegas (that's a good thing!) but for now, kids can enjoy the excitement of a casino-themed party.  Visit an online party supply store to find dice, playing cards, and an assortment of games modeled after the real thing.  Ask other parents to start placing bets on how long you can keep the kids entertained!

Do you expect a high number of young ladies at the event?  Some may desire playing with jewelry rather than firefighter hats and pirate swords (though girls like the occasional opportunity to 'swashbuckle' too!).  Access a store with party favors to find rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more jewelry staples.

Like trips to the casino, most parents are patient in waiting for their kids to be old enough to get tattoos, but kids enjoy emulating some of the looks of older people, making fake tattoos an excellent party favor idea.  Find sports-themed tattoos, those that glow in the dark, as well as those featuring dinosaurs, butterflies, and more.
Kids aren't the only ones in need of party entertainment.  Find a number of party staples at great prices at our party supply site!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Decorate with Party Favors

Do you need a unique interior decorating idea?  Implement seasonal or holiday-themed party favors into your home's interior.  It's a great idea and won't cost a lot.  Decorators often say "It's the little things that count."  Augment holiday cheer and the look of your home with a number of birthday party favors.

Traditionally, Christmas is associated with particular religious faiths, yet in modern times, a number of families have adopted the spirit of the holiday, ignoring religious affiliations, making the entire holiday season more fun for families and friends.  We have stuffed Santa’s, fake spray snow, blow-up candy canes, Christmas mugs, cookie-cutter sets, and a lot more. Our party supply store will help you rejoice throughout the festive winter holidays no matter what you celebrate.

New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it.  Do you like to host a bash and have all your friends together as you count down and ring in the New Year?  We have noisemakers, hats & tiaras, glow and light up items, champagne glasses, and more. Party favors such as glow necklaces will help you celebrate in style.  

Valentine's Day
Show your home some love next Valentine's Day, arranging a number of party favors throughout.  We have cuddly stuffed animals, food bowls, silk roses, dancing flowers, and a whole lot more.  We have all the resources you need; get creative and attentive to the smallest details.  For instance, couldn't you alternate that plain pen-and-pad set by the phone with a set devoted to a Valentine's Day theme?  Little implementations can make a big impression!

St. Patrick's Day
You don't need Irish origins to enjoy the fun of St. Patrick's Day.  We have a number of wearable decorations, including derby hats, visors, light-up buttons, green bandanas, and green bowties.  After you're done decorating yourself with Irish-themed birthday party favors, you'll be ready to decorate your home.  We offer great deals on banners, flags, centerpieces, party bowls, and more.  Do you need a creative task for the kids?  Have them help you decorate the house (just don’t give them access to green paint!)

Who would've thought? You don't need a birthday occasion to make use out of party favors!