Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five Ways to Entertain Kids at the Next Party with the Help of Our Party Favors

An upcoming kids-focused event may inspire a mixture of emotions.  You're more than happy to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or other event, yet you're a bit nervous about your ability to entertain a bunch of 'rambunctious' young people.  Lucky for you, a quick search on the Internet elicits a number of options from a party supply store.  Consider the following five party favors that are sure to entertain.

Kids love to play dress up.  It provides the opportunity to utilize their creativity, and in the case of a firefighter theme, presents the chance to pretend they're grownups (if only they knew the irony regarding a high number of adults wishing they could act as kids!).  Find such favors as fire truck piƱatas, paddle balls, themed coloring books, and (of course) firefighter hats on reputable party supply store sites.

There's something about pirates that intrigues little kids.  Maybe it is the easy-going lifestyle of the open seas.  Find party supplies such as hats, telescopes, daggers and swords, and more.  Not all kids want to be the "bad guy" in imaginary play scenarios, yet a light-up pirate is as good a reason as any to adopt the role!

Casino Night
It will be a few years (and then some) before they're allowed access to the casinos of Las Vegas (that's a good thing!) but for now, kids can enjoy the excitement of a casino-themed party.  Visit an online party supply store to find dice, playing cards, and an assortment of games modeled after the real thing.  Ask other parents to start placing bets on how long you can keep the kids entertained!

Do you expect a high number of young ladies at the event?  Some may desire playing with jewelry rather than firefighter hats and pirate swords (though girls like the occasional opportunity to 'swashbuckle' too!).  Access a store with party favors to find rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more jewelry staples.

Like trips to the casino, most parents are patient in waiting for their kids to be old enough to get tattoos, but kids enjoy emulating some of the looks of older people, making fake tattoos an excellent party favor idea.  Find sports-themed tattoos, those that glow in the dark, as well as those featuring dinosaurs, butterflies, and more.
Kids aren't the only ones in need of party entertainment.  Find a number of party staples at great prices at our party supply site!

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